Get Outta Jail In Georgia

Advice If You Get Arrested

At one point or another you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law in Georgia. There could be so many reasons for this; speeding, drunk driving, you may not have paid your taxes, you got into a fight in public, or it could even a case of domestic violence. When this happens, it is important that you should know what to do so as not to compromise the situation and worsen it further. The following are some of the things you should do;

What To Do When Arrested

Do not talk
They always tell you you have the right to remain silent. If you are being arrested, just go ahead and be quite. This is not the time for you to justify yourself or convince the officer to let you go, the right thing at this point is to just shut up. They in fact do not care whether or not you are innocent and in most instances, you might utter something that will get you into more trouble especially because at this point you are nervous.

Do not try to escape
This should be common sense…… If you run, it pretty much suggests that you are guilty and in most cases, there are additional charges for this. The officers may also assume you are armed considering you are running away from them. This will elevate the situation and this will force them to pull their firearms, or even taser you, and as we have all seen, this can be catastrophic.

Never attempt to resist arrest
Do not fight with the policemen or refuse to be hand cuffed. If you attack them, it will be considered as assault, which will be another additional charge. Simply follow whatever they say and fight your case later in court.

Keep quite until you speak to an attorney
When arrested, the police would want you to make a confession and would use all types of things to get you to do what they expect which in most cases is-expect you to be guilty. They might use the ‘it will make it easier for you’ or even use you to frame some of your friends in your circles, at times, they could even use threats. Whatever you hear after an arrest, never believe, stick to your story and better still do what is in the next point.

Get a lawyer
If you have been arrested for crime related issues then it is very important that you first ask for a lawyer. After you’ve requested for a lawyer, do not respond to any questions until your lawyer arrives. Some cases can be difficult and you can easily get into a lot of trouble if you have no one with knowledge of legal matters advising you.

Do not let the police search any of your properties
If they insist, ensure they do have a search warrant. Sometimes, a search may bring out something you were not even aware of or it could have been placed there by someone who wanted to frame you, or left there by someone else.

If possible, do not leave your property with them
The police like to take charge of your vehicle or property after arrest, do not allow this. There are times when they would tell you ‘your car is with us’.  Politely ask if you can have a friend or family member pick up your vehicle to avoid impound charges.

Contact a bondsman
The last and most important point is let someone know you’ve been arrested. If you are alone at the time of arrest, tell the police that you need to speak to a lawyer and if you can’t afford one at least let your wife or kids or a friend know that you’ve been arrested and have them contact a bail bondsman to post bail to get you  released as soon as possible, provided that the court will let you post bail for the charges that you are facing.

All in all, just stay calm, don’t resist and the process will be much easier on you. It can be a difficult and trying experience, but if you follow the previous tips it will help make the process less stressing.